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Nival Networks

We are very pleased that among our customers as a company Nival, we hope that in future we meet the high expectations placed upon us.

Information taken from the company website.

The company Nival – an international developer and publisher of online games with years of experience creating strategies and work on the online market in Russia. Founded by Sergey Orlovsky in 1996, today it employs over 250 highly skilled professionals involved in the development and publication of online games and services. Nival offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev and Los Angeles.
Nival Network operates the popular game, which presents the best shareware games include Forsaken World, «The seventh item,” “Cabal Online”, “Theos: the goddess of Desire” and “Dragonica”.
For 15 years the company has created many Nival successful series of games like Heroes of Might and Magic V, «Blitzkrieg», Silent Storm, «Etherlords” and “Rage”. Four in-house studios engaged in the development of massively multiplayer projects, including a revolutionary cross-platform strategy of social Prime World.

The company also finances projects and issues outside developers, such as King’s Bounty: Legions, a unique three-dimensional social strategy, created by studio KranX Productions.